Quality assurance with the BECK IMLWatcher®

We use the IMLWatcher® quality assurance system from Intravis, as a complete package for the optical quality inspection of IML processes. We have been working exclusively with Intravis since 2016.

The IMLWatcher® is a software-based camera system exclusively designed to detect IML-specific defects. This quality assurance is turnkey and can be used immediately as an IML inspection system.

The integrated quick reference mode ensures automatic reference creation within a few seconds during ongoing measurement operation. This leads to significant time savings when setting up new products. In addition, the clearly structured user interface of the software facilitates the simple and intuitive operation of the IMLWatcher® and offers new, extended statistical functions. Thus, comprehensive production and error analysis is possible.

The following quality criteria are covered by the IMLWatcher® :

  • Presence of the label
  • Label identity
  • Label fit and position (vertical, horizontal)
  • Misprint on the label
  • Overlaps and gaps at the label joint
  • Back injection moulding
  • Through holes
  • Colour inspection of the label at the injection point
  • Cutting offset of the label
  • Offset of the printed image on the object
  • Contaminations
  • Check for under- and overmoulding at the cup rim (optional)
  • Inspection of the undecorated inside of the object
  • Inspection of various codes (e.g. barcode, data matrix code, batch code)

Handle automation

We offer comprehensive automation solutions for the assembly of handles on pails and other packaging up to the stacking of the finished packaging. Our systems assemble plastic handles fully automatically and stack the pails afterwards.
We offer fully-automatic handle assembly in various designs, from single pails to flexible systems in which different pail sizes can be processed. This eliminates time-consuming manual assembly, which optimises the overall production of the packaging in terms of cycle time and costs.